What Our Patients Say

Here you can read some of the recent compliments that the entire Alpine Dental Health team have received from our patients… after all, they say it best!

“Dr. Rosenzweig took wonderful care of my dental implants, but more importantly, he took wonderful care of me. I was well prepared for my surgery and was impressed with the follow-up care I received. For example, Dr. Rosenzweig made sure I had his cell phone number after my surgery. Dr. Rosenzweig is both my general dentist and periodontist, so he could also establish a comprehensive care plan for me that is inclusive of my periodontal issues. It’s more holistic dental health, and I appreciate that I don’t have to run from one office to another. That’s been very valuable to me. I have confidence in everyone here. They are good listeners, and I never hesitate to bring up any questions I have. I’ve also seen Dr. McDill, and he has the same very caring approach. Alpine Dental Health is by far the best dental practice I’ve ever been to.”

     — Jill Kreutzer, 61


“The people are the best part of Alpine Dental Health! Dr. McDill is delightful, a very sharp, well-educated individual. I deeply appreciate that Dr. McDill doesn’t tolerate mediocre quality. He tells you what needs to be done, but there’s no hard sell on anything. He just really cares about answering your questions. I’ve noticed it, too, with Terry, who cleans my teeth. I’m absolutely pleased with the results of my Invisalign “Invisible Braces” treatment as well as my crown. I think anyone going to see Dr. McDill would be very pleased.”

     — Pam Allen, 58


“Alpine Dental Health has the most pleasant staff I’ve ever encountered. They make even the tough stuff tolerable because they are so nice. I’ve needed an extensive amount of work, so I’ve gotten to know everybody, and they are all awesome. The assistants are so pleasant; they make you feel really at ease, and are very competent at what they do. When they come out and greet you, they are genuinely glad you are there, and they treat you so respectfully and so pleasantly.”

     — Nancy Y., 49


“When Dr. Rosenzweig comes in to see me, it’s not just business; he really cares about me and my family. He’s very personable, and in the office there is a concerted effort to make you feel at ease. The doctors are very experienced, and Dr. Rosenzweig and his staff are very thorough when explaining procedures, so I know exactly what to expect. After more involved  dental appointments, he calls me at home to make sure I’m doing all right. I also like that he and Dr. McDill have specific specialties, so we don’t have to be referred to other offices. I’ve  recommended Dr. Rosenzweig to four of our friends, including a co-worker at CSU. I’d give Alpine Dental Health a ten out of ten!”

     — Kelley Wittmeyer, 45


“Alpine Dental Health is the best all-around dental office I have ever been to.  I normally hate going to the dentist, and Dr. McDill is the first dentist that makes me feel comfortable and at ease while in the dentist’s chair. Wonderful staff and an excellent doctor! He takes the time to go over all the steps necessary to complete the dental work.  The staff is great. Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and find appointment times that work with your schedule.”

     — Michelle Chaney, 37


“I had an accident 30 years ago, and now Dr. Rosenzweig has put my mouth back together. Everything has been wonderful, and I’m really happy. He’s a great doctor, knowledgeable and personable, and Natosha is a tremendous assistant. I have good rapport with them both. I actually schedule my appointments to make sure they can both work on me together.”

     — David Rhoads, 57


“I have a very big phobia with dentists, but Dr. McDill took that away before he even started working on my mouth. To me, that’s more important than what the actual procedure is – that you are able to trust the person. He made me feel at ease and took the ambiguity out of everything. He earned my trust by explaining what he was going to do. That was the precise reason that my brother actually came from Washington, D.C., to have his dental implants restored by Dr. McDill as well. Everyone at Alpine Dental Health treated him as part of the family. He was impressed and very happy with Dr. McDill, and very happy with the new teeth he got.”

     — Elizabeth Yoseph, 54


“Besides being an expertly accomplished dentist, Dr. Rosenzweig has a chair side manner that is incredibly calming, and he always lends his support to me as a patient. I also appreciate the careful and gentle way Terri cleans and cares for my teeth – I actually look forward to sitting in the chair.  It is a pleasure to be treated so respectfully.”

     — Shauna Murdock, 62


“Dr. McDill inspires confidence and seems extremely knowledgeable. He’s gentle and considerate, relaxed and very professional. Overall, my experience in getting my dental implants has been excellent. I was impressed with the teamwork between Dr. McDill, who I normally see, and Dr. Rosenzweig, who did the surgical procedure for my dental implants.”

     — Patricia Mautner, 66


“Dr. Rosenzweig made a complicated and difficult dental process a real success for me… and that comes from a person who would rather go through childbirth than go to the dentist! Besides having advanced training and experience, Dr. Rosenzweig is able to put a patient at ease, to clearly explain the procedure, and to treat a patient as a real person. I have received excellent  are at Alpine Dental Health. In fact, after working with me for quite a while during one appointment, Dr. Rosenzweig’s dental assistant walked down to the corner and bought me a vanilla milkshake!”

     — Gerry Lake, 72


“Because I was in the military for 20 years, I had a lot of quick fixes done to my teeth. When I came to see Dr. McDill, he did a comprehensive dental plan for me. The standard of care from him is just amazing. In his office, you can tell everyone is putting the patients first. They always greet you by name, and wait time is minimal, if any. The team at Alpine Dental Health is so friendly and welcoming. They are completely focused on you.”

     — Michael Carr, 46


“I would go out of my way to recommend Dr. Rosenzweig and Alpine Dental Health to anyone looking for a dentist. Dr. Rosenzweig is a very warm and comforting guy who takes the time to explain everything to you while treating you like a person and not just another number. I was especially impressed with the way the surgery for my tissue biopsy was handled. Everything about the procedure was clearly explained to me and all my questions were answered. I really appreciated that Dr. Rosenzweig called me personally later that evening to see how I was coming along and then again later that week to explain my biopsy results. My experience with Alpine Dental Health has been great! The whole team is very warm and friendly while professional at the same time.”

     — James Oldenburg, 28