Beautiful Custom Porcelain Crowns in Just One Visit!

At Alpine Dental Health’s Downtown Fort Collins office, we can create beautiful porcelain crowns in just one visit, eliminating the need to wear a temporary crown. We’re proud to offer you this remarkable, proven technology for same-day dental crowns.

Our dentists use the precision of lasers and computer design to create a beautiful, custom crown that is milled out of solid porcelain and fit just for you, right in our office.

You’ll get the look you want, in one, convenient visit.  As always, feel free to call our friendly Downtown Fort Collins team at (970) 484-5297 to learn more about how we use computer technology to create your same-day crowns.

How Dr. McDill and Dr. Rosenzweig Create Your Custom, Same-Day Crown

Your tooth is shaped (as it normally would be for a crown) and then is scanned by a laser into our computer system, which creates a 3D-image of your tooth.  Dr. McDill and Dr. Rosenzweig then use this 3D-image to design a beautiful, custom crown, which is milled out of solid porcelain right in our office.

Your Fort Collins Same-Day Crown Experts